Existential therapy and therapeutic integration

Participation in a Round table chaired by Gianfranco Buffardi, Italy

Buenos Aires City. Argentina, Universidad del Salvador. Faculty of Psychology and Psycho-Education.
Marcelo T. de Alvear 1335. 
The diversity of the human being reflected in the collaborative team
Alfried Längle
The human being is an amalgam of many different aspects which found their being: corporal, psychical, noetic, spiritual, social, cultural, systemic. Within the field of psychotherapy, they are reflected by the variety of approaches. This “inhouse”-variety is prolonged outside the field of psychotherapy by other helping, social, cultural, religious and art professions. For a good and solid therapy an open mindedness and a collaborative spirit supportive not only for the education and stabilisation program, but sometimes for the therapy itself (e.g. medication). Basic reflections and some experiences to this requirement are given.

Key-words: variety, diversity, helping professions, collaboration
Palabras clave: variedad, diversidad, profesiones de ayuda, colaboración 
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